There are lots of reasons your content isn’t hitting the mark you aimed for but here are some obvious signs you should look out for.

1.  No Strategy

By creating a strategy, we mean going deeper than simply who writes about what and when it will be written. We mean specific details about the content, including targeted keywords, subject matter, and promotion of the content. Will your content be informative or entertaining? Will you include videos? These are all important questions that need to be addressed when you strategize your content.

2. Talking Too Much About Yourself

To put it harshly yet clearly, people don’t care about you. That’s not to say people are cold-hearted individuals who only have their self-interests in mind. NO.
Instead, people want to be informed. You are the expert in a unique industry, so no matter what your specific business or niche, you should be sharing that expertise. Your knowledge is something that you can contribute, something that no one else has (or at least very few people have), and it’s an important resource that will increase your general reputation (online and off) as an expert. 

3. Content Doesn’t Link Together

Links are crucial. The content you write should have at least an inbound link that helps improve your search engine optimization as well as an outbound link. While you don’t have to create a detailed and complex web of links, you should make sure that the majority of your content has proper links, and that the links go to quality sites.

4. Not Sticking to The Pillars of Your Message

 Your brand should have a message. All of your content should stay within the pillars of that message and, at least in a small way, enhance, explain, or honor that message. What message are your sending to potential customers and clients? What do you want them to think of when they hear about your business? This messaging should be threaded into the fabric of each article, video, social media post, and marketing material.

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